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What Does a Car Locksmith in Mobile, AL Do?

Auto locksmiths are very versatile technicians that service and repair a wide array of auto locks, allowing them to function normally again. We use a variety of techniques, tools, and materials to achieve the desired result, which is to be able to open and start the vehicle normally.


We can handle all your automotive locksmith needs including making duplicate key fobs for BMWs Mercedes, Hondas, Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet and much more, Including repairing and replacing ignition locks and programming transponder keys.

At Southern Safe and Lock our car locksmiths are trained to help with a variety of problems our customers can face, including the following:

  • Car key programming and replacement

  • Car ignition repair

  • Car key duplication

  • High-security key tracing and cutting

  • Ignition and door lock rebuild and replacement

  • Key cloning and key copy

  • Laser key cutting

  • Programming remotes

  • Programming transponder keys and smart proximity remote keys

  • Create replacement car keys

  • Rekey car locks

  • Key duplicate cutting, and much more!


As an extra service to our customers, we carry only high-quality products and materials, some of which include:

  • Car key fobs

  • Chipped keys

  • Computer car chip keys

  • High-security car keys

  • Key fobs

  • Transponder keys, and more!

Chances Are, We’ve Got the Technology To Program Your Car Keys in Mobile, AL

Ask about other brands and services, including high-end luxury brands and prox keys, which seem like the ultimate convenience until you lose them and have to wait for the dealer and pay their cost. We do car key replacement for intelligent keys and smart keys and car key programming including key fob programming so you always have full access to your vehicle. The same goes for remote head keys and transponder key cutting, where the keys carry a lot of technology in a small package. As a top-quality auto locksmith, we’ve got the equipment and experience to copy lost car keys of many types.

Is your remote not working? We do car remotes, whether it’s a simple key fob battery replacement or complete key fob replacement if yours is lost or broken. In many cases, we can arrive for an unlock and leave you with access to your car and a new key and remote so it won’t happen again.


Southern Safe & Lock is Your Car Key Programming Expert in Mobile, AL

We can handle all your automotive key, fob, and remote jobs including cutting new keys and programming new fobs for a huge variety of domestic and foreign makes and models, including Mercedes.

Do you need a backup key and remote or one to share with a second driver? Do you have a project car from the 60s and you’ve misplaced the keys? We handle everything from classic car locks to making keys for recent model German luxury cars. We’ve got the technology for modern car security, so count on Southern Safe and Lock for car key replacement of nearly any kind. If you’ve lost your last set of keys, we can even help with that at a car key replacement cost far lower than the dealer, with much faster service. What kinds of car key copy types do we offer?

  • Infiniti car keys and programming

  • Mercedes car keys and programming

  • Lexus car keys, SUV keys, and Lexus remote spares

  • Honda car keys for cars and SUVs and Honda remote programming

  • Toyota car key duplication and Toyota remotes

  • Nissan car key copies from Altima's to sports models

  • Ford car key copies for individuals and fleet managers

  • GM car key duplication and GM remote programming to share the family vehicle

  • Chevrolet car keys so you won’t have to worry

  • Cadillac car keys in case the valet misplaces yours

  • Mazda car key sets to hang on the key hook

  • Hyundai car keys, SUV keys, and remotes

  • Kia car keys and remotes

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